I am Neill. By day I am Lead Designer at NetSuite (formerly Element Fusion) and all day, everyday, I am a father to two wonderful children (Aiden, 9, and Eily, 6).

My 15 minutes of fame came on my short stint on Season 5: Couples, on NBC's Biggest Loser.

During the 6 months on the show I lost 88 pounds. Since the show, I've become a triathlon junkie. I have participated in over 25 multisport events and am currently training to become an Ironman.

I also try to play video games, card games and board games as much as possible.

Work I’ve Done

Bricktown Brewery, OKC

The Brewery needed an updated design. They had not taken their photography yet, so I was able to push the envelope with the custom background images. They loved the site and made very few changes based off the initial design.

What I did: Design, Cutup, LightCMS integration.
Status: live, www.bricktownbrewery.com


As a member of TriOKC I was tired of looking at the old 90's style site and offered to rework it. I wanted lots of pictures of TriOKC/Oklahoma triathlons, I even worked in 1 of myself.

What I did: Design, Cutup, WordPress integration.
Status: live, www.triokc.org

Saint Mark Coptic Church, VA

The client said this about launching, "I had 10 people today take a huge step back and their jaws drop then they get a huge grin on their face! This will be the most exciting website launch I've ever done--I sort of feel like the team at Apple announcing a new product!"

What I did: Design, Cutup, LightCMS integration.
Status: live, www.stmarkdc.org

American Mothers, DC

This site was a challenge for me. The client wanted a more feminine look than they had previously and a lot more simplicity. When I turned this over to em they loved it!

What I did: Design, Cutup, LightCMS integration, Mobile development.
Status: live, www.americanmothers.org

Burton Controls, OKC

Another case of a client having really good photography. Their photos were just entirely too good to leave as just small thumbnails on the page. Once the client saw the design the first time they approved on the spot.

What I did: Design, Cutup, LightCMS integration.
Status: live, www.burtoncontrols.com


The client really loved the Air Force website, as they primarily work with the military. I was able to find some awesome photography to push this website and give it the feel the client was looking for.

What I did: Design, Cutup, LightCMS integration.
Status: live, www.csioklahoma.com

Northern Oklahoma College, OK

The college needed an updated look to their old site. The old site had too much going on, colors were aweful and they had trouble maintaining it. With this design I gave them clean and simple but all the right things grab your attention.

What I did: Design, Cutup, LightCMS integration.
Status: live, www.noc.edu

Taijiquan Qigong, CO

This client was awesome, he left the design totally in my hands. He had only a few requests; dark background, mountains and simple. I also did his logo treatment. He approved the design on the spot with no changes in the design reveal.

What I did: Logo, Design, Cutup, LightCMS integration.
Status: live, www.taichicolorado.com

Element Fusion Spring Shirt, 2010

Each quarter one of the designers get a crack at designing a company shirt. This was my first time to get to design one, so I figured I'd work into the design how long the company had been around.

Status: sexy, buy one

LightCMS Fall Shirt, 2011

I got tapped again in the fall to do another shirt. The idea from this one came from a tattoo idea I had wanted for a long time, but progressed to add the clouds. The plane is a P-51 Mustang.

Status: bomb.com, buy one

Birthday Invite, 2013

Aiden loves Star Wars. He wanted a Star Wars birthday party invite. I designed this one up for him and I have to admit, I am super proud of how it came out. It printed out awesomely. Everyone that was lucky enough to get an invite thought it was amazing.

Status: Jedi Knight

Biggest Loser

On a whim, after seeing a call for entries to be part of the NBC’s Biggest Loser, my wife and I decided to send in a submission. With invaluable assistance from my ├╝ber talented cousin Brent Weber, we had a video created and turned in by the due date. Biggest Loser producers saw something they liked, gave us a call, and a super fast whirlwind later we were on the ranch getting our asses kicked by Jillian Michaels.

I started the show weighing in at 317 hefty pounds and finished weighing in at a trimmer 229 pounds. My weight loss efforts did not stop there, however. I continued to work hard after the show and my weight dropped to just above 200 pounds. What I seem to be most remembered for is falling on the the treadmill during the first episode.